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Strategos offers advice, support and expertise for public, para-public or private entities in the following areas:

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Parliamentary Control of the Administration

Parliament's services

Completion of eight case studies on extra-parliamentary advisory committees and drafting of a summary report to complement the evaluation carried out by the Parliamentary Control of Administration for the parliamentary management committees (CdG-E report).


Maison d'Ailleurs Foundation

Museum and specialised research centre

Organisational audit including governance, HR, finance and operational management processes. Formulation of 30 findings accompanied by concrete recommendations for each area to re-establish trust with the Municipality and to restore a serene, efficient and effective working climate. Participation in the presentation of the public audit.


Research, International Relations and Continuing Education Department

University of Lausanne

Evaluation of the relevance of the creation of a research support service at the University of Lausanne, with proposals for renewed missions and organisational structures that were developed in a participatory process.
Following the mandate, a new research support service was set up.