The Strategos team

A community of experienced specialists

Strategos, specialists combining strength, pragmatism and audacity

Our strength is the conjugation, each time reinvented, of the differences and specificities of each of us.

This allows us to respond to a wide variety of requests and needs, but also, with each new request, or even each new “moment” in a project, to bring in the most useful skills, to seek the most relevant angle of view among all those we carry.

What unites us are strong shared values, a posture of partnership and collaboration with our customers, the willingness to provide a service, quality advice and adapted.

Would you like to join us?

You recognise yourself in Strategos, in particular in its vision, its mission and its mode of operation by consent.

You are interested in developing consulting services in the field of strategy, organisational transformation, evaluation or competence development. You find it easy to work with public authorities and non-profit organisations.

You like to carry out projects with several people or individually, according to your skills and desires. The way we operate allows everyone to make their own choices, as each partner is self-supporting and responsible for their own income. 

Are you interested in our approach and our way of working together?

So don’t hesitate to contact us to explore a possible collaboration.