We support organisations and individuals

We are recognised in four areas in particular:

Supporting strategic reflections

Strategos: conseil en stratégie, organisation, évaluation & coaching

We support strategic and governance processes, especially in complex and interdisciplinary environments.

Together we develop agile and learning approaches to achieve the expected organisational impact.

This is the core business of Strategos, established almost 25 years ago out of the desire to support organisations in their strategic thinking and the implementation of a favourable governance.

It can be:

  • to carry out a diagnosis of the organisation’s internal organisation and/or its environment
  • to define a vision and a mission, in other words to give meaning and direction
  • to make choices and identify how this vision can be achieved
  • make things achievable by planning for implementation
  • finally put in place the necessary mechanism for corrections and improvements

For us, strategy is not theory: a strategy is only of value once it has been applied and put into action in the field. There is no standard strategy: it is intimately linked to the internal and external specificities of the organisation. There is no such thing as a sustainable strategy: it must be seen as a continuous and learning cycle.

We bring the mastery of this whole process, and the necessary tools to mobilise all the parties involved, with their knowledge and skills. These are indispensable not only for the development of the strategy but also, of course, for its implementation.


Helping transform organisations through collaborative and agile approaches

Strategos: strategy consulting, organisational transformation, evaluation and capacity building.

We help organisations to act at the height of their potential, strengthening the link between human and organisational needs.

Together, we think about the needs and redefine the services to operationalise the strategy or business model.

Particularly in this context, we favour participatory decision making as it is conducive to successful implementation.

First of all, then, there is what you want to do and achieve, as defined in a strategy or business model.

Then there is how we want to do it, what skills and resources need to be mobilised, to provide what services.

And finally, there is how to arrange the different components in a relevant, motivating, effective and efficient way.

Our approach goes beyond the formal organisation chart to apprehend the real and daily functioning of the organisation, to grasp the interactions, the modes of communication and the transversal processes, and thus to set up an organisation in line with both the values of the organisation and its strategic orientations.

Together with management, executives and employees, we identify opportunities, chances and potential. Not forgetting the risks and difficulties. Together we discover new perspectives and enable his agility.


Conducting evaluations of public policies and organisations

Strategos: strategy consulting, organizational transformation, evaluation and capacity building.

We conduct rigorous, participatory and learning evaluations for the public sector in order to value success and imagine the future.

For you, we evaluate the impact and help you learn from successes.

We favour a human-centred approach in order to create a favourable environment for future developments.

For us, an evaluation is anything but an audit.

Our aim is to take the time to reflect with the people involved on what worked well and why. Of course, we also look at whether the objectives have been achieved.

On the basis of the questions asked, we identify the sources of information (documents, statistics, people). We then conduct interviews, focus groups, analysis and synthesis.

Now that we have a good understanding of the situation, we can help those involved to imagine the future. Then we will reflect with them on how to get there.

In our final report, we will link the evaluative questions to the conclusions and recommendations. We will also show separately the different points of view, those brought by the documents and data, the people consulted and also our own.

And this entire process is carried out according to the principles of the Swiss Evaluation Society SEVAL , of which we are a member.


Contributing to the development of team and leadership capacities

Strategos: strategy consulting, organizational transformation, evaluation and capacity building.

We support collective and individual change processes using certified, participatory approaches.

We intervene in the form of coaching for managers, department heads and politicians, particularly in crisis and conflict situations.

We also offer individual or team supervision.

We are regular trainers in a professional or university environment.

Advancing people and organisations by developing skills and capabilities. This is another of our ambitions and success.

We work on the organisation and its dynamics.

Everyone, every organisation is different. This is why we propose an approach that integrates the human and cultural dimension, aiming to exploit its potential.

We create the conditions for building the future together with management, executives and staff. We help to instil a dynamic throughout the organisation and stimulate creativity.

Conversely, through the strengthening of individual and group skills and capacities, we aim to bring them into line with the institution or company. It has its own life, expressed through its strategy, functioning, organisation and culture.