Redefining the missions of Région Morges, phase 1: diagnosis

Initial situation

Territorial development issues have changed significantly in recent years. Many strategic studies have been carried out but the region is struggling to move on to the implementation of its projects. Initially, the region’s steering group decided to have a diagnosis of the situation carried out in order to identify the various underlying problems. In a second phase, the objective will be to redefine the region’s missions as well as its governance.

How it happened

We have carried out an assessment of the activity and functioning of Région Morges with regard to its missions as set out in the association’s statutes and in the agreement for the joint implementation of the master plan.

To do this, we met with all the municipal actors involved in territorial development and mobility (political and technical), the cantonal actors and other associations linked to Région Morges. We have also identified the challenges that municipalities will have to face in the medium to long term. Finally, we specified the logics of the different actors, based on their needs and interests on the one hand, and their capacities for action on the other.


  • A diagnosis identifying the key issues;
  • Concrete recommendations to achieve phase 2, i.e. the redefinition of the missions of Région Morges and its governance, which we are currently working on.

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