Moving from rivalry to cooperation within a municipality

Initial situation

After the hardships of elections, municipalities are led to co-construct a programme for a federative legislature in order to best respond to the mandate that voters entrust to them.

How it happened

All the municipal councillors and the municipal secretary meet in a two-day workshop to draw up a legislative programme using the 5D technique resulting from the Appreciative Inquiry method:

  • Definition (« Define »)
  • Review of the current situation (“Discover”)
  • Where we want to go together (“Dream”)
  • Agree on the working areas ( Design)
  • Identifying priority actions (“Destiny”)

During the last half-day, the heads of department join the municipal councils to give their feedback on the legislative programme and supplement it with their ideas for improvement. Slogans are developed for each axis of development.


The group of people who competed in the municipal elections has become a team that wants to win together. Team cohesion within the heads of department is strengthened and there is great motivation to move forward together. The action plan is drawn up, giving the opportunity to get off to a good start.

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