Giving meaning and orientation to the age of digitalisation and Covid-19

Initial situation

The marked trend towards digitalisation, reinforced by the COVID-19 crisis, gives the Anouk Foundation’s operational team (artists, management, marketing, fundraising) the opportunity to rethink and reinvent its action with medical and social institutions.

How it happened

What was originally intended to be a day of reflection-action with the team was transformed – COVID-19 restrictions oblige – into a series of three shorter online workshops. In order to give meaning and orientation to the time of digitalisation and COVID-19, we first asked the participants how they felt about the situation. Next, we identified together the challenges facing the Anouk Foundation in the short and medium term. We also experimented with several digital tools (Zoom, Mural, Google docs…) live and shared best practices. Finally, the team drew up an action plan in order to test and even implement some of the selected solutions.


“The highlight for me was to see that EVERYONE was on board and engaged
We managed to come up with a good plan to work together.
(Vanessa von Richter, Director)

With my guidance and structured support, the three working groups created ad hoc managed to produce three prototypes ready to be tested: one to digitise project work, one to enrich the artistic side, and one to strengthen and cultivate team spirit. The operational team has emerged stronger, more cohesive and ready to seize the opportunities offered by digitalisation.