Implementing the strategy and management tools for a plastering and painting SME

Initial situation

The first step was to carry out a strategic reflectionin order to clarify the company’s vision and its future positioning. On this basis, a number of strategic objectives have been defined and prioritised in order to provide organisational and management responses. These objectives have been translated into various strategic projectsand we have accompanied the implementation of some of them related to the organisation:

How it happened

The entrepreneur complained that his operating results were too late. One of these projects has therefore been the research and implementation of a software that allows the management of construction sites within the framework of an integrated solution that also includes commercial management, accounting and salaries. The approach was as follows.
Clarify the processes to be computerised and identify the information to be better processed and monitored on a regular basis:
1) Accounting (previously done by the trustee and transferred internally) ;
2) Commercial management (purchases, stocks, sales: interfaced with accounting) ;
3) Management of building sites entry and processing of staff hours (linked to purchasing and sales management).
Defining how to manage worksites in terms of time and cost per activity: a workshop was organised with the foremen in order to better understand how this process works;
Finding and implementing the right IT solution: specifications were drawn up and an invitation to tender was issued. The offers were compared and demonstrations were organised.
The choice fell on a flexible and integrated solution hosted on a Swiss cloud. The changes brought about required the acquisition of new skills. The next step therefore consisted of supporting the managers in the implementation of the new management tools so that they could appropriate them (parameterisation and training in parallel).

Finally, the last step consisted in imagining how to exploit the information available and set up a dashboard system to manage the company on a daily basis.


A strategy offeringbetter visibility of the company’s activities has been developed. An organisation that is both lighterand better adaptedto the company’s needs has been put in place. A small ERP allowing access from anywhere, faster processing of information and a more relevant analysis of the situation has been introduced.

Overall, management has become more awareof the key elements of its organisation and the company has gained inefficiency, responsiveness and profitability, enabling it to look to the future more serenely.

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