Smoothing a disagreement between two politicians from the same executive branch

Initial situation

A major difficulty of collaboration and communication between two politicians in charge of two complementary services prevents cross-cutting projects from moving forward. This situation is unsatisfactory for both actors involved. The environment is complex due to the links with multiple actors with stakes at different levels.

How it happened

As a first step, the two actors confirmed their common will to improve their working relationship. This made it possible to identify the key elements enabling everyone to enter into dialogue, thus providing them with a confidential and secure space. The different situations posing problems could be dissected, making it possible in turn to identify the sticking points, the real needs, the individual and common issues, while trying to understand the logic of the other. Sources of blockages affecting other actors were also discussed..


Communication has greatly improved and some projects can move forward again. Some issues could be reframed in their global perspective. Both actors feel more comfortable in executive board meetings. To this day, we still hold regular debriefings to provide a privileged framework for discussion/negotiation.

Other projects of