Designing and supporting an innovation process for a public service

Initial situation

As part of a reorganisation of a public health service, the magistrate requests an innovation process through which employees can develop ideas to be tested and put into practice. The process must end with the presentation of all ideas to a jury.

How it happened

A four-day “Design Thinking” innovation process is developed. Around fifty employees responded to the invitation to participate in the entire process.
In a first step, innovation ideas are developed around the target audiences. Innovation groups are formed according to the interest of each person; they are organised for “field observation”.
On the second day, the idea of innovation is enriched by observations from the field. A prototype is then produced by each team, which is then tested with the target audience. The feedback is used to improve the innovation project one last time before presentation to the jury.
The process ends with an elevator pitch by each team in front of all participants; everyone is applauded and receives final feedback.


Huit idées d’innovation sont présentées au jury. The feedback is very good. An idea is put into practice. Several elements from the other projects are taken up for application in everyday life.

Other projects of