Deploying digital technology while changing professional roles

Initial situation

A survey highlighted the new needs of the public for a cantonal library. To respond to this, the institution must evolve towards new services while abandoning some of the traditional work.

How it happened

Library users have new demands, particularly in terms of digital technologies and tools.
The management and those in charge meet for 4 half days to develop a strategy that takes into account the changing environment.
In a second step, all employees are integrated into the process in order to translate the strategic axes into concrete actions.
The third step is the evolution of professional roles towards a new understanding of the library. Action training is then set up in order to reinforce the identity of the team leaders. For all employees, experience-sharing workshops and Forum Theatre allow them to identify with the new roles.


The new strategy has been deployed, middle managers and management have been brought closer together, multiple participatory activities are in place and punctuate the year, a culture of feedback and knowledge transmission has been put in place.

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