Coaching a public administration executive

Initial situation

The challenges in public administration are many. Political issues often complicate the technical and human issues of the organisation. The executive I had the pleasure of accompanying felt under great pressure. He was struggling to identify priorities for action, feeling caught between the political realities and those in the field. His pleasure at work was diminishing, contrary to his risk of exhaustion.

How it happened

The objective of the support was to enable him to be able to:

  • take distance by objectivising and relativising the situation
  • specify the logics of the different actors around him/her
  • identify the priority issues related to its mission
  • decide on the actions to be taken
  • adjust if necessary the implementation of the latter


  • Ability to set and decide on the right priorities, to find effective and efficient tactics to ensure its mission and the quality of its mission
  • Better self-esteem

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