Supporting the updating of the services’ catalogue for a federal office

Initial situation

A federal office commissioned us to assist them in updating their job descriptions. The hundred or so employees involved in this exercise, present throughout Switzerland, are organised in four regional centres.

The project is divided into four phases and we were involved in the first two:

  • Phase I – Establish a catalogue of services and tasks as currently performed
  • Phase II – Define what services and tasks are actually to be provided, by which profiles and in what form
  • Phase III – Decision and adaptation
  • Phase IV – Organisation of the implementation

How it happened

In Phase I, the objective was to establish a description of all the tasks performed by all the profiles in a regional centre and then to enrich it with data from the other centres. We were involved in the methodology, in the preparation of the deliverables in French and German and in the support of the project manager. The deliverable of the phase was the documentation and description of the current service catalogue in a dedicated report.

During Phase II, we accompanied the project team in evaluating the current tasks in the light of new technological developments and efficiency gains, e.g. through the creation of national competence centres in specific areas. All operations of the organisation were now involved: the regional centres and the central services. Again, this phase was documented and described in a specific report.


The work carried out provided all the elements necessary for the next phase, which essentially consists of rewriting the specifications of all the regional centres’ professions.

“Phase II has been fully validated, approved in its results and therefore closed by the steering committee. It is a great success and I would like to thank you for your support”, is the feedback received by e-mail from the project leader.

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