Supporting the updating of the catalogue of services for a federal office

Initial situation

A Federal Office mandated us to assist them in updating their job descriptions.A Federal Office mandated us to assist them in updating their job descriptions. The hundred or so employees involved in this exercise, present in both German- and French-speaking Switzerland, are organised in four regional centres.

The project is divided into four phases, of which we are currently involved in the first two:

  • Phase I – Drawing up a catalogue of services and tasks as currently performed
  • Phase II – Define the services and tasks to be effectively provided, by which profiles and in which form
  • Phase III – Decision and adaptation
  • Phase IV – Organisation of implementation

How it happened

In Phase I, the objective is to draw up a description of all the tasks carried out by all the profiles in a regional centre and then to enrich it with data from the other centres. We are involved at the methodological level, the preparation of deliverables in French and German as well as change management. In this way, we will be able to base the next phase on a quantitative and qualitative description of the current operational reality of the regional centres, rather than on somewhat dated specifications.

The second phase will aim to build the future catalogue of the Office’s services, thanks to an analysis of the data collected in phase I, a staff survey and in-depth analysis through specific interviews.


The project team was set up under the leadership of an internal project manager. The work is carried out in French and German.

In December 2020, the regional centres will draw up job profiles with the corresponding deliverables, including the completion time and the respective roles and responsibilities. This information will be consolidated and analysed in 2021 to serve as a basis for Phase II, which will define several future organisational scenarios.

The mandate is therefore ongoing and will continue until 2021.

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