Valérie Bauwens

Observing people, creating dialogue, innovating to give meaning to work

What I can do for you

  • Teach your teams user-centred innovation (design thinking) and observation of work practices.
  • Accompanying your user-centred innovation projects, observing your working practices and reinventing them with you
  • Coaching your teams to prevent conflicts, regain cohesion, rethink their working practices
  • Coaching members of your teams to improve their leadership skills
  • Organising round tables, world cafés and discussion groups to enable co-creation
In other words, I like to put in place the conditions to trigger a positive dialogue, and allow for co-creating solutions. To do this, I draw inspiration from the daily reality of the people concerned (observation of practices), from design thinking and use its various coaching tools.


  • Master in management at HEC-Liège
  • Bachelor of Science and Psychology at Open University
  • Personal coaching, IDC
  • Group coaching, Coaching Square
  • Imago Professional Facilitator (conflict prevention)
  • Leonardo accredited (behavioural preference tests)


I started my career in finance and business development. In order to put faces to the figures in the business plans I wrote, I set about institutionalising user research as a core competence of Swisscom’s research and development department. I quickly co-created an observatory of the uses of private clients and then companies. The aim of both organisations was to understand the process of adoption and use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). It was then a question of anticipating new uses and services and their potential impact on the company.

Since then, I have founded two companies (Human-Centricity – Bauwens Coaching) and joined the Strategos team in 2014. I still dedicate myself to the theme of ethnographic observation of work practices, communication and innovation centred on the human being. To ensure even greater impact, I have added personal development, change management and the evolution of corporate cultures as a string to my bow.

Projects of Valérie Bauwens