Jérôme Billotte

Imagination and ambition to invent the future

What I can do for you

  • Support a strategic approach: from the analysis of the context and the actors to the establishment of a strategic plan and an implementation plan
  • Assist with complex projects, especially those involving several partners. Enable to go beyond the minimum consensus by concretizing a real shared ambition
  • Evaluate projects, programs and policies in order to be able to adjust them and make the right decisions
  • Facilitate reflection processes, to bring out shared solutions, to support participatory approaches
  • Build and evaluate scenarios (operation, organization)
  • Accompany reorganization processes, according to the stakes and constraints, both internal and external
  • Develop indicators and a dashboard system


  • Master in biology (University of Lausanne)
  • Doctorate in science (molecular biology) at ISREC
  • MBA, HEC Lausanne
  • Various continuing education courses (participatory approaches, communication, research management, etc.)


I obtained a Ph.D. in Science at ISREC, working on the molecular basis of cancer due to a retrovirus. After completing a post-doctorate in oncology and genetics, I obtained an MBA, equipping me with the tools that allowed me to turn to the management of universities, health institutions and companies, public or private, in the medical and scientific field. I have led numerous projects of strategic thinking, organization, evaluation and restructuring in these fields, and I have developed analysis and management tools adapted to them. An academic manager introduced me by saying that I was the person these organizations turn to for solutions when a complex, sensitive issue integrating multiple interests needs to be addressed. I like to think that there is some truth in that statement.

I am very interested in interdisciplinary dialogue and its ability to bring out shared and innovative solutions.

Projects of Jérôme Billotte