Alain Jouffrey

Aligning operational precision with strategic intent

What I can do for you

First of all, we listen to you to see how we can support you in order to make a success of the key moments in the life of your company, from the foundation to the transfer: At the strategic level, when you need help to redefine the value proposition or rethink the business model; or to initiate you in the transmission of your company with ReSTART PME ( At the operational level, I like to take part in business process innovation by intensifying digitalisation and collaboration with partners; and where appropriate, increase process efficiency by standardising and outsourcing to generate cash. In terms of values, I would like to share with you a long-term vision, based on social and environmental responsibility that informs action plans. In this way, we will manage change by anticipating and mobilising stakeholders and adapting technical and human skills. In this respect, you can entrust me with training assignments for your staff, to be carried out alone or in a team, using different teaching approaches and a wide range of methods (case studies, discoveries, serious games, e-learning, etc.).


As a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Supmeca Paris, I regularly attended continuing education courses or participated in seminars (also as a speaker):
  • Financial management,
  • Transfer of companies in difficulty,
  • Management of people,
  • Business intelligence (datawarehouse construction and multidimensional analysis),
  • IT (master plan, data modelling, networks, EDI…),
  • Supply chain and logistics, traceability,
  • Quality and lean management,
  • Social and environmental responsibility,
  • Business marketing and sales,
  • Project management,
  • BPM (Business Process Modeling),
  • Training of trainers.
The breadth of the subjects covered gives me an appreciable interdisciplinary capacity for cross-cutting projects.


I have developed multidisciplinary skills in a variety of jobs in different sectors (automotive, B2B and B2C trade, energy, consulting and training):

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors;
  • General management of a subsidiary (multinational);
  • Factory management;
  • Interim management of subsidiaries in difficulty;
  • Information Systems and Supply Chain Management;
  • Senior Consultant (aeronautics, banking and insurance, chemicals, utilities, health, education, railways, service companies, public sector, etc.). );
  • Engineer analyst in demand forecasting;
  • Adult educator and training course designer;
  • Temporary teacher in higher education (bachelor’s and MBA).

Projects of Alain Jouffrey

Project management

Strategos SA is a consulting firm in strategy, organisational transformation, evaluation and skill building.
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