Exploratory study on the links of Swiss universities of applied science


The aim of this exploratory study is to find out the practices (means, uses, examples, from simple exchanges to more significant experiences in terms of collaboration) of the universities from an institutional point of view in the context of its three missions (education, research, services to society (third mission)), in order to then be able to draw consequences for the entire Swiss education and research system.

The underlying assumption is that there is a marked differentiation between the Universities of Applied Sciences UAS and HEU in terms of links to practice, but that links between HEU and practice do exist. This study therefore aims to document how university management sees its strategic positioning in relation to the world of work and business, and what use and resources are mobilised at faculty or departmental level to this end.

This exploratory study should serve as a basis for discussions within the working group, and then within the Council, on the risk of convergence between HEU and UAS. It will also serve as a basis for the continuation of the project, which will consist in particular for the Council to consider the possible concerns of the universities of applied sciences in order to have their point of view on the practices of the universities of applied sciences, before being able to make general considerations and recommendations.

Field: Research, Society
Evaluation object: Ecosystem