Participatory and learning evaluations

to value success and imagine the future

Do you need to conduct an evaluation to check that the grants you received have achieved the goals you set?
Would you like to invest in a learning and participatory approach to prepare for future decisions?

We provide you with structured and learning support in order to think about the future together.

An evaluation will allow you:

A proven and agile approach for a successful evaluation

An evaluation is generally conducted in four stages:

Stage 1


Strategos: conseil en stratégie, organisation, évaluation & coaching

Kick-off session with the principal and governance of the entity being evaluated

Deliverables: inception report with evaluative questions, methodology, project plan, data sources

Stage 2


Strategos: conseil en stratégie, organisation, évaluation & coaching

Information gathering (interviews, focus groups, observations, secondary sources), analysesand syntheses

Deliverables: answers to evaluative questions and first learnings

Stage 3


Strategos: conseil en stratégie, organisation, évaluation & coaching

Creative, structured and interactive workshopwith the principal, agent and external stakeholders

Deliverables: goals, characteristics and future functionalities of the entity or programme, implementation scenarios

Stage 4


Strategos: conseil en stratégie, organisation, évaluation & coaching

Closing session to discuss learnings, conclusions, scenarios and recommendations.

Deliverables: final report presenting the different points of view, with traceability from the evaluation questions to the recommendations.

This project on the evaluation of a partnership for a federal department will give you a better understanding of our approach.

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