Recognised since 1997

Strategos, federative approaches and sustainable responses

Founded in 1997, Strategos SA is a Swiss consulting firm specialising in strategy, organisation, evaluation and skills development.

Our strength is the conjugation, each time reinvented, of the differences and specificities of each one of us.

Strategos: conseil en stratégie, organisation, évaluation & coaching


We are recognised as a key player in supporting organisations in an agile and participative spirit, bringing meaning and value to a bold and sustainable world.

Strategos: strategy consulting, organizational transformation, evaluation and capacity building.


Our team is committed to strengthening relevance, effectiveness and efficiency in organisations:

  • by uniting teams and energies around a shared objective
  • by shedding light on the situation through listening, observation, analysis and modelling
  • by co-constructing and designing solutions that activate existing resources
  • by instilling innovation and agility
  • by providing expertise and transferring knowledge
  • by supporting the deployment of solutions
Strategos, decision by consent

Decision making by consent

At Strategos, we make our decisions by consent. It is a structured collective decision-making process. With this, it is possible to arrive at optimal decisions that are accepted by all (“nobody says no”). This approach therefore differs from consensus, in which unanimity must be obtained before acting (“everyone says yes”).

In practice, each member concerned by a decision to be taken has the right to object and the duty to argue his or her objection (field experience, critical reflection). Such an objection widens the common denominator and enriches the final decision, whereas in consensus the lowest common denominator is reached.

Strategos, inscribing our action in shared values


Intellectual stimulation


Working climate


Relationships based on trust



Durability and sustainability

Strategos, transparent pricing and invoicing

Our interventions are the subject of a service proposal drawn up at the end of an appointment with the client. The purpose of this first exchange, in the office or in the company, is to clarify the request and to formalise a tailor-made intervention project (objective, methods, modalities, intervention tools, duration).

The basic fee for Strategos is CHF 2’000 per day (CHF 250 per hour). This rate may vary according to the time spent and/or the difficulty of the assignment.

Strategos divides the working hour into 4 units of 15 minutes each. Only the time usefully spent by the consultant on his client’s file is invoiced to him, including secretarial work. In principle, non-productive time generated by the mandate (e.g. travel) is charged at 50% of the standard rate. To this are added the costs (journeys, etc.), then VAT. Our quotes and invoices are drawn up in a clear and transparent manner.

For private coaching, we offer special fees to support individual initiatives.