You are a liberal professional or manage an institution. You are a doctor, veterinarian, dentist, lawyer, notary, architect, engineer, scientific expert or an academic referent in your field.

Your organization has real development potential and you want to achieve it.

You need to make your services known and stand out from the crowd

by defining and implementing an institutional communication strategy .

Stratégie de communication, Strategos SA, Lausanne
Stratégie de communication, Strategos SA, Lausanne

Your team is organized as a firm, study, workshop, company or institution.

We help you enhance your profile to fully meet your customers' expectations.

We support you in communicating your specific value proposition by creating a clear link between the skills of your teams and the needs of your customers.

Based on your successes, we will develop together your communication strategy. We will build on your global strategy, your internal skills and your resources to increase the impact of your organization.

The well-proven formula of our personalized approach

Stage 1

Stratégie de communication, Strategos SA, Lausanne

A semi-structured interview conducted one week before the workshop to understand your way of doing business, your services and your customers or patients.

Stage 2

Stratégie de communication, Strategos SA, Lausanne

A stimulatingandinteractive workshop with your team, or a second interview, to refine the various elements of the communication strategy.

Stage 3

Stratégie de communication, Strategos SA, Lausanne

A communication strategy with an action plan, with an optional support in the implementation with internal or external resources.

Develop your organization to its full potential with tailor-made and effective communication

How we can help you

We support you throughout the process, from defining your needs to implementing your communication strategy.

Understanding your specificities


"We need a high-performance communication that suits us"


  • Identify your team's skills and services
  • Defining your target audience
  • Understanding your expectations and challenges
  • A summary of your request, the particularities of your organization and your competitive environment

Preparing your communication strategy together


"This structured and participatory approach has helped us to identify our unique value proposition"


  • Defining and validating the key elements of your global strategy, including your values, objectives, target audiences, positioning and personality
  • Describing the main services and develop the corresponding messages
  • A synthesis of the workshop and the groundwork of your communication strategy

Drafting the communication strategy and action plan

"We now have a clear, tailor-made and actionable communication strategy"


  • Formalizing the communication strategy at the organizational level, identity and experience for a common understanding
  • Drafting an action plan and developing a corresponding scorecard, considering the available resources
  • A communication strategy, as a reference document
  • An action plan, with indicators and a steering table, as working documents

Implementing the communication strategy

to do list

"Thanks to a lean approach, we are efficient and agile"


  • Implementing the communication strategy through the different channels
  • Defining internal and even external roles and responsibilities
  • Measuring results
  • Facilitating learning and adjusting the approach as needed
  • Supervision and coaching of implementation
  • Preparation of calls for tenders for potential external service providers, including an evaluation grid for selection


Bringing engagement and impact

This offer is a Strategos initiative

Strategos SA is a consultancy specializing in strategy, management and organizational development. We enable institutions and companies to develop and innovate through pragmatic and bold approaches. We always act with respect for the people and needs of the organization.

“I find my motivation in aiming at fully understanding the needs of the stakeholders involved and in supporting my clients towards innovative solutions that make sense. I pay particular attention to authentic, clear and engaging communication rooted in a common understanding of issues and objectives to be tackled. Further, sustainable development is a strong motivator in all I undertake.”

Expert in strategy and institutional communication

Sandra Wirth held management and communication positions in companies (Nespresso, Nielsen, family SMEs), at the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC (Indian Kashmir, Burundi, Indonesia, headquarters) and the Terre des hommes Foundation. A partner at Strategos since 2015, she carries out individual or team mandates in the following fields: strategy, communication, evaluation, organizational development, fundraising, etc. To meet specific client needs she can draw on the large range of expertise of her Strategos colleagues. Sandra is also a lecturer in HES and advises students on their Bachelor’s work. She is vice-president of the ICRC alumni association.

Sandra holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of St. Gallen and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard. Trilingual (French, English, German/Swiss-German), she evolves with ease and passion in a wide variety of cultural and professional environments.

LinkedIn, +41 79 210 60 78,


New identity and communication and fundraising strategy

Between late 2010 and early 2012, the communication and fundraising strategy of the Terre des hommes Foundation was completely overhauled. This transformation included a new identity and editorial line as well as the implementation of a new internal organization and a departmental balanced scorecard.

Developed together with the Zurich agency Spinas Civil Voices, the new graphic charter was deployed in the field within only a couple of weeks. Further, the door drop campaign was one of the most successful ones in Switzerland of all time. The sponsorship program was reviewed as well creating a new donor experience and underpinned with a new CRM. As a result, the department’s net income increased by 20% over 2 years.

Sandra Wirth was Director of Communication and Fundraising from 2010 to 2015. She was in charge of 30 staff and an income budget of CHF 28 million and member of the senior management team.

Communication and fundraising materials, before and after the change

Launch and moderation of the Facebook group ICRC alumni network

Stratégie de communication, Strategos SA, Lausanne

Group of 5000 current and former employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC

Launched in 2017, this Facebook group has brought former ICRC staff closer to the ICRC. The group is most inclusive and includes a variety of professional profiles (directors, delegates, engineers, HR experts, accountants, drivers, guards) residing in more than 100 countries. 85% of its members are active every week.

In terms of procedures, applications requests are checked one by one based on a tailor-made questionnaire; publications are monitored on a daily basis. Still, any content of a private Facebook group always remains public and moderators need to facilitate accordingly.

In 2018, exchanges were cited in an article in Le Temps triggering some crisis management in which the moderator was involved. Learn more in a personal article on the genesis of the ICRC alumni association group.

Sandra Wirth is the main moderator and can now rely on self-regulation by the group.

Development of digital platforms

Involved in website development since 2000*, Sandra Wirth has recently developed and animated a range of digital platforms.   Among the tools she uses are: WordPress, Elementor, CSS, FTP interface, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Of course, she has also designed this present webpage. (2018) is a bilingual website presenting our services in the field of sustainable development.

  • Site development and logo
  • Own illustrations and photos
  • Content writing with Véronique Veyrassat
  • Social media: Twitter, LinkedIn et Facebook (2018) is a bilingual site presenting works and courses by visual artist Corinne Colombo.

  • Site development and logo
  • Photos of the artist
  • French texts by Marie Mattyer, English version by Sandra Wirth
  • Social media: Facebook (2016) is a bilingual website presenting the workshop and achievements of Valérie Von der Mühll, EPFL architect.

  • Site development
  • Photos of the architect and personal
  • Drafting of texts (2016) presents an initiative funded by the Swiss cooperation SDC in the water sector.

  • Site development
  • Texts by Violette Ruppanner
  • Pages created for autonomous updating by entrepreneurs
  • Social media: : Facebook, LinkedIn

See website, base unchanged since 2000 with content modifications by the owner

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Stratégie de communication, Strategos SA, Lausanne